Beechworth Cemetery Trust
Beechworth Cemetery Memorial Section

Fees and Charges

The Beechworth Cemetery offers a range of options in regards to the interment, or future interment of the deceased, (i.e. burial in the Lawn or General Cemetery, double or single plot, ashes interment in the Memorial Wall or family grave following a cremation etc.). For those wishing to utilise the Cemetery facilities, a two page Fees Sheet is attached for public information.

Given the extensive nature of the fees structure, it is recommended that queries be directed to The Secretary who can assist and guide you in regards to making a suitable selection.

The fee structure can also be accessed on the Department of Health & Human Services website at

Download File2017-18 Beechworth Cemetery Fees & Charges

Pre-purchasing your Burial Plot

Have you given any thought to pre-purchasing your burial plot at The Beechworth Cemetery?

Plots are available for pre-purchase in both the Lawn and General Cemetery, along with places in the Memorial Wall for the interment of ashes following a cremation.

Prepayments can be arranged by contacting The Secretary.

If, for some reason, circumstances change for persons who have pre-purchased their burial plot and they therefore wish to relinquish this, then the plot can be returned to the Cemetery Trust and a refund made, based on the current fee at the time the plot is relinquished. Also, there will be additional charges that are payable as follows:

The Cemetery Trust requires that grave plots purchased in the Lawn Section must have a ‘headstone’ or ‘desktop’ monument erected within twelve months of the purchase. If a Lawn Section grave plot is relinquished with a monument in place, the Cemetery Trust will not be responsible for: