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With the increased interest in family genealogy in Australia today, The Cemetery Trust receives many requests for historical information. In each instance, every effort is made to comply with all requests received. Although a Cemetery Trust must make the information contained in the Cemetery records available to the public for historical and research purposes, there are some restrictions that are legislated under the Information Privacy Act 2000.

Information that cannot be provided includes:

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act -2003 provides Cemetery Trusts with an ability to charge a reasonable fee for information sought or for the making of copies or extracts of information from the records. Following any request for information contained within the Cemetery records, The Secretary will advise if a fee or charge is applicable.

To assist the Trust in processing a request for information, please complete the form or supply the deceased information in writing to The Secretary.

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Historic Records

The Beechworth Cemetery holds records of interments dating back to the mid 1800’s. There is, however, a proportion of missing or part records for the first twenty years from 1856 as follows: